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Related post: Date: Thu, sex pics virgins 18 May 2000 07:23:39 EDT From: Marc Subject: Rickt & Me, chapter one "Awakenings", by Marc.......This story is a work of erotic literature involving teenage boys. All the usual rules apply. If you shouldn't be reading this now then don't continue on. Copyright Notice - Please, this story is free photos of virgins Copyright (c) 2000 by Marcintime, and the author retains all rights. You may distribute, copy, print, staple or spindle this story however you like, provided this copyright notice remains intact and you do not change the story in any way. Also you may not charge any fee to anyone to distribute or access this story.Ricky & Me An Autobiography Of Our Time sea virgin porn together Chapter One "Awakenings"I grew up living in a suburban town about 45 minutes out of Boston. I come from a good family, and though my parents were busy with virgin teen movies porn their own careers, they did manage for the most part to be there for me when I needed them. About the time I was 11 or so I began tgp virgin list to realize I was *different* from the rest of my friends. They were starting to talk to girls and I just wasn't interested. At the time I really didn't think much about it. In the sixties, we did not learn about sexuality and kds sex virgins it's related issues in school, and such things were certainly not discussed in the home. It wasn't an issue my parents were willing to entertain.As I progressed through Junior High and on to High School the feelings became stronger and as my friends began full fledged dating, my gay woodbridge virginia heart just wasn't in it. When changing for gym, I teen virgin galls would find my self checking out the field, and I would virgin alt porno struggle not to pop a boner. When the guys got together to compare notes about their (more than likely imaginary) sexual conquests, I never had any virgin pussy galery thing to add to the conversation. I would get kidded about it and 18virginsex amanda as kids are, eventually my silence *to them virginie caprice porn streaming at least* began to scream volumes.After a time of sidelong glares and under-their-breath innuendo I became aware of out-and-out rumors. Things like "I've never seen HIM with a girl, he MUST be a queer," and notes pushed into my locker. That kind of stuff. Kids really can be so cruel.At first I would just try to shrug it off, thinking to myself, what the hell do they know, its only talk. I would try and convince my self I'd start to like free 3d virgins girls soon, or tell my self I was only shy. But I knew the truth and couldn't bring my self to just deny who I was. I felt I had to be true to my convictions, if not openly then at least to myself. I couldn't just turn my back on the feelings that made me who I was.I had never had many friends, the only person I ever hung around regularly with was Timmy from next door. We had been friends since we were little.One day, after school some wise ass decided that if Timmy was my friend, then we just had to be *FRIENDS*, so to prove himself a big, shit for brains, macho jock, he and a couple of his idiot toadies beat virginia youth soccer league Timmy up.They hit him because he was my friend!So now it wasn't only talk any longer! Timmy did not deserve to be hurt! What they had been saying hurt my, bad Very little virgins !!!!!! But now it went beyond talk!!!!!!!!In those days there was no Internet where a person could go for answers or help. You lose virginity porn could not even talk to the school counselors at that time. It just wasn't done, things such as this were not spoken about in polite society. I was on my own !!!!!!!!!!!!Then the shit hit the fan, I went to my best friends house to pick him up, we were supposed to go somewhere, I don't remember where, His Mom INTERCEPTED me at the door, at which time she said that my best friend since I was five years children nude virgin old, of some ten years was not to be seen with me.When I asked if I'd done something wrong the answer was, " DID SOMETHING WRONG !!!! YOUR A F----- QUEER AND I DON'T WANT TIM TO CATCH IT. I'M NOT GOING TO HAVE MY TIMMY BEATEN UP BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!! YOU WILL STAY AWAY FROM HIM, AND THAT'S FINAL!!!!!!!! And the door slammed shut.To say the least I was devastated. What was I going to do? Does everybody know!?!? What am I going to do!?!?!?! Oh shit NOOO !!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ?!?!?!?I was feeling utterly despondent, I knew I was Gay, but other than getting an eyeful in the russin virgin locker room, and a great deal of self satisfaction, (and never even having been caught at that ). It was all rumors. Rumors that started at school, and now was spreading gratis virgin porno all over town. I was feeling like I was being crushed, utterly destroyed.To make a long story short, mostly because I don't remember it, I spent that Friday evening drinking a great deal of vodka and taking a great deal of my mom's sleeping pills.I was rudely awakened in the hospital, to find out it was now Tuesday and to my despair I was still here to have to listen to who has heard the latest GOSSIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!All I could was cry. I did not want to deal with any of this. Why me?!?!?!?After a couple more days virgins innocent russian in the hospital (my only visitor was my Mom) I was released on Sunday.The next day was Monday and I knew all too well what happens on Monday. School !!!!!!! I did not want to go to school! Not there! Not with those people! They all knew, and they had my attempted suicide as a total validation of their rumors. I did russian boy virgin not want to go. I couldn't!I Begged. I yelled! I screamed! I threatened blessed virgin mary sketches to do it again, and this time I'd do it right !!!!!!! But when my father said, "You will go to school, and there will not be any more discussion of the subject" and he then turned away from me with a look of utter ....................I do not know what it was for sure, but I can tell you this one thing for sure, it was not admiration. russian virgin naked OH NO, THAT'S IT NOT MY DAD TOO, NOOO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING.So I went to school that Monday. My Father drooped me off at the door himself to make sure I got there. He said not one word to me all the way there. All that day angel baby virgin teen not one person said one single word to me. Nothing, it was like I wasn't even there, I was exiled, a non person. I may as well have died that Friday night. In their eyes, in all their eyes, I was dead.Now it was Tuesday evening again and also again I was rudely awakened in the hospital. Shit !!!!!!!!!!!!! God damn it !! Can't I get anything right?After the judge ordered me to undergo thirty days *observation* and I was deemed, to be no longer a threat to myself, my Mom saw fit to enroll me into a private school, where I could start fresh *get put childs toplists virginity out of porn hardcore virgin sight* and no one would have to deal with me and my *strange habits* -- especially my father. After that the only time I ever went back home was for holidays, and I have never gone into town since.About a year later my parents sold their home and moved closer to where I was going to school. Close enough to commute.When I moved my things into the new house every one was gone, work and all. But later that evening when my parents both had gotten home they called me to the parlor. When I arrived there my Mom and Dad were standing there in the middle of the room, and I stopped in the doorway foto sex virgins innocent to look at my feet or something.Neither of them said anything at first, but after a moment they both rushed to me and they hugged he. The only words my dad said was "It's all right now."Then we all cried...............--------------------------//////////////////////////-------------------------Up until now there were only Two other people who have known this. One was a very dear friend I met at the boarding school I was exiled to. At the time he was some sixty years my senior, one of my instructors (((Philosophy and Latin))). I credit him with giving me a direction in my life, both academically and with being able to come to free virgins pics terms with my *orientation*. russian sex virgins He made me to understand that virgin top teens sex the fears and anxieties I had been forced to deal with (((at too young an age))) were not of my own design, but based upon the ignorance and uncertainties of those inflicting it upon me. He was a good friend and littel virgin teenie he allowed me through his depth pic virgin pre masturbate of compassion, and his belief that anyone is capable of reaching their full potential as long as they are aware of who they are and remain true to themselves. He passed away in his sleep in 1964, peacefully. I was in my junior year in high school and his passing left a void in shaven virgin me. I cried then, I cry again little virginz ....I'm crying even now.........The second person I told was when I was a freshman at Brown University. His name was Ricky, and he was my first love, virgin boys sex my soul mate. It was about two months into the fall semester, I was doing a research paper based on "Spinoza's ETHICA TWO ," wow I remember It like it was yesterday. Thinking about it now after all there years and when I close my eyes I'd swear I can smell his cologne (Gray Flannel). He was looking for the same treatise I needed and for the first twenty minutes at the library we mirrored each others movements like it was planned. First we both checked in at the security desk. Then at the information counter, there he was. At the card file we reached for the drawer at the same time (( I made it first )) and he reached for the handle right over my hand.Ricky was amazing, 18yrs old and at five feet and ten inches, 155lbs, sandy blond hair, and deep blue eyes I found it hard to breathe and my hand began to sweat and tremble, I was a mess. Once we came to the realization that we needed the same material, he came up with the idea that we collaborate on this project. It took me about thirty seconds to stutter the word YES!!!!!!!!!!Over the next few days we had managed to spend several hours together and we had started to become friends. The work was due in very soon and we could see we still had a long way to go, so he invited me to his house for a cram-session to knock it out. I went over to his apartment, a nice place over by the school of design, it was one or those old 18'Th century brownstone colonials. I rang the litle virgin xxx bell and he buzzed me in. The place was small but comfortable, and he had his study materials spread out on the coffee table in front of the sofa. He motioned me to virgin baby pussy sit down and I staked out one end of the sofa and I spread out my stuff on the table as well. He sat down on the other end and we went to work. We spent two and a half hours debating over this aspect or that and we were not making enough headway. It was getting late and I said I would have to be going soon as my first class the next day was at seven a.m. He persuaded me to give it one more try. I said OK, so we hit the books again. Ricky spasmed with an enormous yawn and swung sandra ella virginia teen around with a small pillow propping his feet on the arm of the sofa, him holding his sheaf of notes up so he could read them. After a few more minutes he yawned again and stretched with his free hand, then putting it under his head.RIGHT ON MY LAP !!!!I thought I had been struck by lightning. Every time he had to flip a page he would remove his hand and then put it back again. I was so nervous I began to visibly quake, I was gasping for breath and was starting to sweat. It was awful, It was wonderful. I had virgin angel fuck lola no idea what to do. I was terrified !!!!!! I was reacting. Every time he russian virgin naturist changed pages he would return to my lap, only each time he would be a half inch nearer my crotch. The closer he got the harder I got.Well, I looked down and I figured three more pages and we were definitely going to come to a meeting of sorts. The three pages slowly came and one by one went and on the passing of the third page I thought I was going to lose it.As he rested his hand down after turning the last page, he was there! There were no doubts left in my mind now, when he ground the back of his hand into my hard on I knew for sure this was no accident !!!!!!!When I returned to my dorm I was confused, torn by what had just happened. Was I reading something into this? Did it really happen? Was 14 yo virgin it just an accident? We were studying and he might have just been distracted or tired.I had to find out for sure! There I was 3:30 in the morning, walking to Ricky's house.When I arrived at his house I had to knock four or five times before I managed to rouse him. little virgins nude kiddy He opened the door wiping the sleep from his eyes, and looked like he had seen a ghost. When he had realized that it was me, he jumped back and nearly fell over a rug when virgine pics he was backing away *that was the last time he ever backed away from me* looking like the devil himself was chasing virgin nude him down. I rushed forward to steady him when he started to stumble *just a reflex action really* and that did not help like I had thought russian virgins link it would. His feet got all tangled in a rug and he went down on his ass.I said "what the hell are you doing, I'm not going to hurt you I just want to talk is all." Finally, after he realized I was not here to kitty virgin pics commit mayhem on his person he calmed down. I let myself in and we settled down for a long nights talk.At first the teen japan virgin conversation was tense to say the least. I asked Ricky what was going on with us. And to virginie ledoyen nude get right to the point, why he was feeling me up this afternoon.I felt like sexy virgin girls shit!!!!!!!! He started suffolk virginia amateur crying, he said he was watching me for a while now trying to find an opening to talk to me. He was in three of my lectures and when he virgins nu saw me going to the library he took a chance. As far as that goes you already know about the study sessions and what got illegal underground virgins us to this point. He told me he was attracted to me. And immediately his defenses went up and I sensed he was going to panic again.I told him it was all right. Then free porno photo virgin after a pause, I said, "I know what you mean" and I moved closer to him, resting my hand on his arm. His mood softened and then we started talking, to really get to know each other.I told him about getting chubby virgin girls outed in high school, and the suicide attempts, and all the rest about getting ousted from home for a year russian ls virgins as well. I told him about Mr. B. from the academy. About how he would always make himself available, anytime I needed to talk.He told me about his teen years growing up in New York City. He said he had a good home but his folks were always the virgin hairy too busy to even notice him for the most part. He came and went as he pleased. He said he felt he was more of a burden to his folks social lives than any thing else.After what seemed like forever, and a split second at the same time we discovered there was no more to learn about our past. Or was it that now that we had met, the past just did not mean that much any more?Ricky, oh my God, he was gorgeous, like one of those statues in a museum from ancient Greece. Eighteen years old, slender and not too tall, 5-10 to my 6 ft. sand colored hair, and eyes so blue they seemed to burn a hole right into your soul. He played racquetball and had the physique to prove it. Tight, there's no other word to describe it. He moved like a cat, not feminine at all, but graceful, balanced. He was determined, sure of what he wanted and sure he was going to get it. He dressed clean and casual.My babe, he had style.Myself on the other hand, I also was eighteen, 6ft. 170 lbs. dark brown hair, green eyes. I cannot really say I was athletic, I liked walking and backpacking, skiing, russian virgins nudes and swimming. I can't say I was graceful either, I could trip just standing still. What he saw in me I couldn't say, he never told me.But what Ricky did not say in words spoke volumes to me when he looked into my eyes and smiled. He reached up with a gentle hand and caressed my cheek and it electrified me causing a stirring in my groin. Immediately my cock started climbing up my belly.He told me he loved me and that was enough. This beautiful young God wanted me, that was enough for me, and right then that was all that mattered.We fell into an embrace that I wished would never end. We held each other tight, I don't think we allowed ourselves enough room to breathe. But I did, I inhaled his fragrance 14yo little virgins deeply, I couldn't resist it. He smelled like the sea after a spring rain, sweet and salty with a hint of ozone. It was intoxicating like sipping a fine wine while looking at fine art. But I wasn't looking at a work of art, I was holding one. And he was mine.And I little virgins preview nudists was his.We turned into each other and our lips met, tenderly, softly, and almost cautiously. I inhaled his breath and it was electrifying. I had never kissed anyone before other than the Mom or other relatives at holidays,*you know the routine*. It shook me to the core, I was hooked. Ricky leaned into me a little more and opened his mouth ever so slightly, and I felt his tongue brush against my teeny virgin girls lips. He opened a little more and flicked out his tongue again, quickly as peeing virgins if beckoning me to come even closer. I couldn't resist him, I didn't want to resist. My lips parted and his tongue entered my mouth, searching, probing, and eager to learn the map to my heart as quickly as possible.And I was just as eager to learn him. To commit every millimeter of him to memory. We held that first kiss for ever, yet it ended far too soon, far too quickly, so I leaned in for another, and yet another still. And with each kiss I grew more sure of my feelings for my chinese nude virgin chinese virgin porn Ricky.Ricky opened the buttons of my shirt one at a time, slowly almost reverently, kissing me deeply as he parted anal sex virgin stories my shirt and exposed my smooth belly and chest. He slid one arm virgin pussy pics of the shirt over shaved virgins my shoulder and kissed it, moved up to my neck and then to my ear. While he was nibbling on my right ear lobe he slid the other arm off and the shirt fell aside.Then I reached under his shirt and slid it up to sex virgin expose his firm body to me. I ilegal movies virgin bent down and began nibbling on his hard nipples first one then the other. While I was working on Ricky's nips he slid his shirt over his head.Oh my little virgins nude pics God!!!!! He was beautiful. Smooth strong, not a blemish on him.He reached for me and we fell back onto the sofa, taking my lips as though they were made for him. And I knew then that they were indeed made for him, only him, forever.I reached for him with both arms and pulled him even closer, placing kisses on every part of him my lips could reach. He was intoxicating, rapidly becoming an addiction. I was rapidly falling helplessly in love with him. And it felt gooood!!!Ricky picked himself up slightly and pierced me with those intense blue eyes. His wonderful smile came soon after, and it was then I knew I was there. I was elete virgins all out, fully, totally, completely in love.I reached up and caressed the back of his neck, and slowly pulled his lips to mine. We kissed deeply and child virginity pic gallery I ran a hand down the center of his back feeling those strong muscles dance under teen virgin grandpa his skin. I let it roam further and reached the band of his sweats, tracing a line with one finger from one side to another. Then as if it had a mind of it's own, it slid under the waist band and explored for the treasures within. His butt was firm and smooth and when I reached to the back of his leg he ukrainian virgin nude let out a soft moan. I got a firm hold and pulled Ricky closer. Then, he shifted himself slightly and his rock hard cock ground fiercely into mine sending me near to the edge. I let out a gasp that interrupted our kiss and I quickly dove back in for more.Ricky then reached a hand between us and ever so gently traced a finger the full length of my dick and back. I do not know how he did it but when he did this he also managed to unfasten my belt at the same time. I was so tight, if someone stuck me with a pin I would have popped. He reached two fingers into my jeans and with a flick of his thumb and forefinger opened the button at the top with a loud snap of his fingers.That was it! I thought I was going to explode!I ran my hand over his firm ass once again, and reached with my thumb to the waste band of his sweat pants and slid them down low on his hips.He kissed me and said he wanted me. I smiled and kissed him back. Pulling him close I whispered into his ear, "I want you too." Then I bit his ear lobe, hard enough to make him gasp.Ricky sat up taking me by the hand and asked me to join him in bed, he wanted to make love to me. We left a trail of clothes on to the way as I let him lead me to what I've known I always hot little virgin wanted.It was like an out of body experience. This couldn't be happening to me, I don't deserve this. But it was happening to me. This was real, I was there walking, in awe of his trim body. Every step he took was likening virgin little girls forced to a ballet. His muscles dancing under his skin with each movement. A hero of a Greek epic poem could not have done him justice.And he wanted me!He got to the bed first and slid over to the far side, resting his Fetish clothing virginia head on one hand, reaching for me with the other. I hesitated for a moment, not because I was unsure, but virgins photos because I needed to fill my eyes with xxx 16 virgins his beauty. His smile spoke volumes boys virgins and each time he spoke, somewhere in the universe a star was born.He stretched his hand further ever so slightly, reaching for me and I could see the porno ru virgin hunger in his eyes.I couldn't hold out any longer, I took his hand, and then asian virgins free I gave my self to him, and I knew it would be forever........He pulled me to him and I went happily. I needed to be as near to him as I could get. I virgin and innocent boys brushed my lips on his cheek savoring the fresh virgin sex salty sweetness and his warmth was incredible. He was as if on fire. I let my lips and tongue slather him with gentle caresses, behind his ear then slowly down his neck. I held him tight as I worked over his pecks, once again lingering for a taste of his firm nipples first one then the other. I traced a line down his belly to his cute little navel, it was an outie and when I nibbled on it I thought he wood jump virgin little sexy out of his skin. I let my tongue explore his sexy belly button and Ricky squirmed and giggled loudly as I swirled around it.While I bathed him with my tongue, I let my hand free innocent virgin teens slide down to the brown patch of hair surrounding the petite virgin teen base of his cock which was standing proud and as hard as an ax handle. I stretched my fingers around the base and cradled his soft nuggets in them, rolling them back and forth, nubile virgin freepics squeezing them softly. I then moved down to Ricky's cock and let a gentle puff of air course over virgin child pic the swollen head. That brought a shiver that wracked his whole frame, and a huge drop of pre-cum photo sex free virgin oozed from little naked male virgins the slit. I slowly ran my tongue around the head relishing the sweetness of his early discharge and then puffed a soft breath on the head again and Ricky let out a soft moan, and again more pre-cum. I gently squeezed his nads again and at the same time slid my lips over the head, circling it with my tongue as it did an erotic virgin dance. I took a deep breath and for the first time in my life, I took every inch down my throat. It was en incredible sensation and Ricky nearly bucked off virgin ilegal erotic movies the bed. My throat spasmed and I took a half second to steady my self and went down for a second try and it was easier. As I went down on him his hips thrust up to meet me driving himself pussy virgins deeper. I backed off ever so slowly and Ricky grabbed the sheets to anchor himself to the bed and let out another moan, only louder smal virgin tgp this time.Ricky reached down to my waist and coaxed me into a 69 position. While I continued to work on the head of his throbbing cock again, he started on me with his own personal brand of slow torture.He licked from the head past my balls around once and back again. virgin girls photo Once Ricky started administering his unique brand of justice to me I began to loose my composure. I started working his tool like it was piecework. Hard and fast. As I picked up the tempo to this very beautiful dance my partner had to keep in step.I was close, so very close. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm of biblical proportions gathering in me aching balls and just as virgin photo tgp I was beginning to cross the point of no return, he stopped, just for a second or two, but it was enough. I let out a moan into his Dick that reverberated all the way to his toes and back. He let out a shrill sound of pleasure him self and Then free virgin ass porn he started again with an entirely new rhythm. He was driving me beyond the threshold of reality.I was working at a feverous pace to give Ricky the ultimate pleasure, and I, all at once felt the head of his cock swell and suddenly surge and I knew now he was very close, I stopped only for a second or two. *hehehe two can play at that game* And he let out a moan that traveled to my toes.Quickly, I again steadied my self and took him all the way to the base once, twice, and again still and I felt his legs tighten and his hips thrust himself deeper still, he let out a whimper and then rocketed sweet cum into my hungry mouth. And I tasted of his fine nectar for the first time. His cum was sweet and musky, like buttermilk and Clorox, I savored every drop. I wanted more of him........When it splashed against the back of my throat, I felt a knot form in the pit of my stomach Baby virgina and it set off a chain reaction. I came with such intensity, I thought I would shoot my spine through my dick. Ricky was filling me with his sweet nectar and I swallowed again and again to the last drop. And Ricky was doing the same, he milked every drop and let lola virgins porn out a sad little sigh when I was spent.We rested in each others arms. And as a beautiful flower grows and then blossoms, so did our love that night. I told Ricky I was falling in love with him and Ricky told me he loved me also.To Be Continued.................If you liked this chapter of "Ricky & Me" let me know If you didn't like it....well let me know that too.........at....Marcmarcintime.com If you liked this chapter, If you like the story, find more at beaches in virginia williamsburg my website http://www.marcintime.com, and from there also link to the Teenage Gay Boy Love Stories Webring where we have gathered authors who write fact and fiction about teenage male romance. 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